Medical Machining

Delta Medical Machining

We offer a full complement of medical device manufacturing services – prototyping to production.
Whether your requirement is for small, ultra-precise machined components, intricate surgical
instruments or implantable devices – partnering with Delta will assure superior results and overall
value. Over 50 years of manufacturing experience combined with the latest technologies and
exceptional talent make Delta a one-stop shop for your contract manufacturing needs.

We provide superior results in these markets:

These are examples of the types of products we manufacture:


Implants and instruments for
shoulders and small joints

Joint Reconstruction

Implants and instrumentation
for hips and knees


Plates and bone screws

Sports Medicine

Forceps, accessories and suture anchors


Fixation plates, pedicle screws and spinal cages

Sterilization Trays

Sterilization Trays



Delta provides products and services that consistently exceed customers’ exacting requirements. This is achieved by full conformance to all specifications, constant process improvements and robust training programs to enhance employee skills. In addition, real-time statistical process control (SPC) systems monitor key variables throughout manufacturing to maintain consistent quality and ensure processes are statistically stable.

Our validation, qualification and process controls ensure compliance to all applicable regulations and customer requirements. Our strategy includes quality and performance goals in all functional areas and it is our objective to raise the bar for compliance, giving our customers the reliability that their markets demand. At Delta Medical quality is a culture of continuous improvement that starts with the President and extends throughout every branch of the organization.


AZMATH Positioning Housing
Heat Sink
Machining Highlights
Piston for Hydraulic application
Rifle Scope Main Body
Satellite Component
Wrist Watch Case